The Future is Now...

Introducing the Decarbonisation Zero-Emission Transport Solution

• Zero Emission = Zero Tailpipes

• Dynamic Charge – Charge while you drive

• Driver Information system to alert users to information and potential hazards.
• Pedestrian Safety System – Warn other cars and pedestrians of potential harm 
• Generate energy 5+ hours a day.
• Hybrid Battery storage.

Main Features

Dynamic EV Charging

  • Unlimited Range for your EV

  • Charge your Electric Vehicle while in motion

  • Improved Battery-Life

  • Smaller Battery Requirement

  • Only pay for the energy received

Solar Power

  • Green Power from urban space

  • Modular Power Networks

  • Blackout Prevention

LED Interface

  • Full RBG LED Matrix

  • Convey Information

  • Host Advertising

  • Entertainment

Big Data Communication

  • Sensor Data Collection

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Remote maintenance

  • Secure performance monitoring

Anti-Frost Thermal Management

  • Passive Heating

  • No Ice Build-up

  • Stops Freeze/thaw Weathering

  • Keeps Excellent Traction

IoT Network

  • Consistent and secure communication

  • Useable by vehicles and pedestrians

  • Autonomous vehicle feedback

  • Real time incident updates


  • 95% Recyclable

  • 0.36T Carbon Saving per m2 annually

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